Bosz Out At Leverkusen After Bundesliga Collapse, Europa League Elimination

His last match was Sunday’s 3-0 loss at strugglers Hertha Berlin. Bosz was delegated halfway through the 2019-2020 season.성인용품

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“In view of the footballing improvement lately, we have arrived at the resolution that heading out in different directions with Peter Bosz can’t be kept away from,” Bayer brandishing chief Rudi Voller said in an articulation on the club’s landing page.

Leverkusen were unbeaten and apparently set for a title challenge before a very late 2-1 loss to Bayern Munich in late December. In 2021, they have just gotten three successes and three draws from the 13 games which have followed. They additionally smashed out of the Europa League and the German Cup.

Leverkusen were beaten home and away in the Europa League round of 32 by Swiss side Young Boys, while they endured a stun exit against Essen in the German Cup round of 16.

Leverkusen, who had driven the Bundesliga table after 12 games, are currently at risk for passing up an European rivalry totally.

Preceding taking over at Leverkusen, Bosz had driven Ajax to the 2017 Europa League last before a short spell accountable for Borussia Dortmund.

Hannes Wolf, 39, will take over from Bosz until the finish of the period. The previous Dortmund youth mentor had stretches at Stuttgart, Hamburg and Genk and had been filling in as a Germany youth mentor as of late.

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