League Of Legends Skips Patch 10.17 As Riot Takes “a Week Off”

Riot is taking seven days off. That implies various updates for the studio’s defining moments are going to move around as the engineers take some R&R time, including League of Legends. Fundamentally, League of Legends fix 10.17 is getting skirted (on the whole, so we’ll be moving practically directly from League of Legends fix 10.16 to 10.18, with only a generally modest number of parity changes in the middle.

Uproar’s considering the fix that will supplant the 10.17 update 10.16b, demonstrating that it’s not as significant as an ordinary update. It will contain just equalization changes, and will skirt the PBE altogether. The PBE, at that point, will trade straight over to LoL fix 10.18, and that update will stay on the test worker for an additional week. After 10.18, the calendar should come back to typical.

Other Riot games will likewise be influenced continuously off. Valorant, for instance, will have its August 18 fix postponed two or three days, until August 20, as the devs clarify on Reddit.

“This has been a major year for Riot for a great deal of reasons,” the organization says in a blog entry. “Putting the ‘s’ in Riot Games was maybe our proudest second as an organization up until this point, yet tending to such a large number of new games is a fragile parity. Include COVID-19, telecommuting, and everything else going on the planet, and it tends to be difficult to isolate the ‘work’ and ‘life’ bits of the work-life condition.

“As game engineers, we’re all hyper mindful of the impacts of crunch and venture based cutoff times. We deserve it and to you to organize our wellbeing as a group (well, numerous groups) so we can bring you new encounters long into what’s to come.”

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