LoL Streamers: Yassuo Says Teammate ‘Deserve Cancer’; Hashinshin Breaks Silence Over-Grooming Allegations

A couple of League of Legends streamers are under fire for the issues they were currently involved in, including Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz and Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman.

In a Reddit post at subreddit r/leagueoflegends, Redditor u/NyaCat1333 posted a video clip taken from Yassuo’s stream where he was complaining about a bad teammate after a match. Soon after, he could be seen reporting his fellow League of Legends players and wrote in the report “deserve cancer.”

The move did not sit well with his fans, with many saying his action was toxic. Some LoL fans commented on the Reddit thread and said that big streamers like Yassuo should be banned for this behavior, despite it happening more commonly within the community and even with non-streamers.

However, they pointed out that streamers and those with broader reach could have younger followers that could follow these toxic traits, especially as toxicity has become widespread and is normalized within the gaming community.

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Breaking his silence, Yassuo posted on his official Twitter account after the clip was upvoted on Reddit. “I made frontpage Reddit, more seriously though I definitely was a little too toxic today even though I didn’t directly type it to the player it doesn’t excuse the behavior,” Yassuo wrote. “I will try to contain my emotions and continue smurfing with no tilt!”

He also claimed that Reddit likes to “flame” him a lot and usually for little to no reason, but he said that this one was “deserved.”

Many of his followers replied on his post, with some taking his side and respecting him for owning up to his mistakes, but many weren’t satisfied and wished he was more sincere with the apology.

Meanwhile, a fellow League of Legends streamer, more popularly known as Hashinshin, has also broken his silence regarding a major issue he is in.

Last month, tons of Twitch streamers and big names in the gaming community were dragged by dozens of people, mostly women, and accused them of sexually abusing and harassing–one of them was Hashinshin.

According to a report by Dexerto, a video was uploaded on July 15 with a title claiming to “expose all the sexual misconduct of Hashinshin” that includes a compilation of screenshots of the accusations of people close to the League of Legends streamers.

On July 17, Twitter user Catlys posted a Google Docs page documenting her experience with the streamer, saying she was groomed and was often sexualized by Brotz when she was around 15 to 16 when they were conversing.

After that, several high profile League of Legends personalities, including Yassuo and Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahan supporting the victims and calling out Hashinshin.

By July 22, the LoL streamer broke his silence against him, saying that he has “done nothing illegal, just been a sh**ty human” and that he “denies grooming,” and even saying that it is a crime.

Before this, he also issued an initial response, claiming that the backlash he received made him attempt suicide and even apologized, but still denied the claims against him, especially grooming an underage girl.

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